Carpet Cleaning Throughout Sussex By A Professional Family Business

Why deep clean your carpets?

Having your carpets cleaned regularly will extend the life of the carpet and enhance its appearance . If this is carried out on a regular basis it will prevent any soiling or colour change becoming permanent.


Pollutants in the air such as dust mite debris, pollens, bacteria and fungus spores are constantly gathering on our carpets which can worsen asthma and allergys. On average there are over two million dust mites feeding on dead skin and dry scales in your home!!!!!

Your carpets actually work as a filter catching all these nasty pollutants it has been proven in Sweden (the home of the hard floor) to be better for air quality whereas hard floors leave the pollutants airbourne.

We would advise that your carpets are vacuumed regularly and cleaned at least once a year for a cleaner, healthier, fresher home.