Carpet Cleaning Throughout Sussex By A Professional Family Business

At Sussex Carpet Cleaners We Take Pride In Our Work

Sussex Carpet Cleaners take pride in our work as we are an independent family run company and recommendations mean everything to us. We are fully insured and trained to the highest standard by the National Carpet Cleaners Association.
We can also help protect your carpets and upholstery from future soiling with our stain protection treatment and if you have pets we can treat your carpets for fleas and other insects.

Stain Guarding
A nanotechnology product which coats every single fibre, which means that dry dirt, soil and grease will be repelled from the fibres increasing the efficiency of cleaning and vacuuming.
Liquid spills will sit like ‘beads’ on the surface allowing them to be blotted off.

Flea/Insect Treatments
Mainly used for end of tenancy requirements but also useful for pet owners. The active substances in this spray disintegrate leaving the treated area completely safe for everyone including the family pets.

Odour neutralization
Microbiological odour remover. This spray contains live micro-organisms that remove odours natures’ way.

Cleaning solution
A top of the range premium microsplitting solution which is our principle cleaning solution, the microsplitting action breaks down soil, dirt and stains making them easier to extract from the fibres.

carpet-cleaner Carpet Cleaning
Whether you require one or all of your rugs or carpets cleaned, we will provide a free estimate and consultation to discuss your requirements and explain our professional deep cleaning service for your carpets.
stain-carpet Stain Removal
Stain removal is included in all our carpet and upholstery cleaning quotations. Or maybe you just have that one spill we are here to help.
our-service_clip_image005 Stain Protection Treatment 
Protect your carpets and upholstery from staining before you have your next spillage. This spray will also protect your carpets from general soiling.
commercial Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Professional office, restaurant or simply your place of work, We can clean your carpets at a time to suit you.
tenancy End of Tenancy
We offer substantial discounts to landlords and tenants who require end of tenancy carpet cleaning.
our-service_clip_image010 Upholstery Cleaning
Our professional upholstery cleaning service will leave your suite or sofa looking cleaner, fresher and very welcoming. We can also protect your upholstery from future soiling.
dog-small Insect Eradication
You know you love your pets but they can bring in some unwelcome visitors. Get your carpets treated with our insect eradication spray and anything that jumps off him will not stay long.
leather-sofa Leather Cleaning
Leather can become dry, cracked and dull if neglected .We can clean, condition and apply a protector.